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Forum posting promotes backlink building October 7, 2009

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In this current time internet is full of different forums on different topic. You may find forums almost every important niche. These forums are common places to share experiences. If anyone face a problem he can request others to help him after discussing his problem. A lot of expert and experienced people contribute in these forums. When they see anyone wanting help they want to give a solution based on his experience. You might have questions what is the benefit of giving solution for totally free. Is it totally a job of volunteer? No, it is not totally useless. Forum authorities give you a chance to put some links bellow your post. These links are seen after every post, it is known as ‘forum signature’. This is the benefit you can get from these forums. If you registered with a high PR forum, you will get high quality backlinks from the pages you submit your posts. Thus if your posts are greater your backlink also be greater. When search engines crawlers will find some votes from different high quality pages, they will give you a higher rank. You can also get direct traffics from your signature which is stayed bellow your post. If you can write some attractive and useful posts thus people would learn something new, interesting and helpful information. So they also like you individually and they may think they could learn something more useful from your blog or website. So the chance to get traffic will be increased.
Don’t spam on forums, peoples hate it. Always try to supply some different and useful thing to your post.


5 Responses to “Forum posting promotes backlink building”

  1. REZAN Says:

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