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Select good titles to get better result in SEO September 13, 2009

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Selection of good title tag is another important part in search engine optimization. Title should have descriptive and keyword dense. Search engines like google see on your title tag first. Your title should reflect your content. Don’t use a title which is keyword dense but no relations with your content.
You can mention your product’s name which you promoting or can add the name of your company. These will help you to brand your product or your company. Your title should be within six to ten words and should contain fifty to eighty characters. A title tag following these criteria gets the most effective results from search engines.
Search engines cannot read your content and they have no ability to judge the quality of your content. They only search for keywords your site contains. If search engines find enough keyword density on your content and the title tag also contain the same keyword then they recognize what kind of contents your site contains.

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