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Write fresh contents, you will be rank higer in search engines August 30, 2009

Filed under: search engine optimization — hasmat @ 10:49 am

Fresh content is another important thing to get more traffic from search engines. If you have totally unique content, search engines will give preference to you to give top place. But if you have duplicate content, the original content holder will be benefited. His website will increase in rankings and you will be penalize for duplication.
If you have not good writing hand, just try to write simply just without grammatical errors. But never try to duplicate other’s content. You can take information from other’s site, but don’t copy their sentences. Using information write your own sentences.
Write less but it must be unique. No need to publish huge articles which is not your’s. Fresh content will increase your traffic gradually. But try to write with lots of useful information and some attractive topics thus a visitor of you would come back to read your next article.
Before publishing your article, review for several times. If you think this article cannot give satisfaction to you, don’t publish it. Read more articles in similar topics and try to find what is the lacking of your article. Then edit it and see again and again and then publish.


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