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Good keyword selection: Primary pre-requisite to get success in seo August 29, 2009

To see your site in top position in search engines, you need to do some jobs like good keyword selection, good title selection, use social networking sites or submission into directories. But the primary and most important thing is good keyword selection. If you can select a good optimizable keyword you may succeed easily after using seo techniques.

Selection of keywords is very important for search engine optimization. Use of multiple word keyword is better than single word keyword. Because single word keywords are hypercompetitive in search engines. Suppose you selected the word “travel”. It is a hypercompetitive keyword. Just open google and seach for it. See how many sites are available in keyword “travel”. It is 819,000,000 results on travel so imagine how much tough for any site to obtain the top position in this keyword. Another factor  is for this keyword you may not get targeted traffic. Because people who are searching for travel may interested about travel related any things. But if you select a more long keyword like ‘most popular travel destinations in australia’ you may face less competition. It is essential to get top position in search engines. And you will also get targeted traffic who are searching  for the accurate thing what you provide. It is very important in your business. They may buy products from you or may click on your ad.

Keyword density may be in moderate amount. Just insert keyword on your blog after completing writing. But be careful about not to get over dense keyword. Search engines may penalize you for over use of single keyword.


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