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Top 10 forums on seo October 7, 2009

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There are tons of forums available in the internet. Forums on the topic search engine optimization are also available in a huge amount. But all of these forums cannot give you high quality backlinks. So try to be a member of some forums which will give you some high quality backlinks. I have made a chart on top 10 forums available on the internet in my view. If you join on these forums, rank of your site in search engines must be improved. The list is as following
1. Seochat
2. Sitepoint
3. webmaster-talk
4. Digitalpoint
5. V7nforums
6. Seroundtable
7. webmasterworld
8. daniweb
9. Warriorforum
10. webproworld


Forum posting promotes backlink building

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In this current time internet is full of different forums on different topic. You may find forums almost every important niche. These forums are common places to share experiences. If anyone face a problem he can request others to help him after discussing his problem. A lot of expert and experienced people contribute in these forums. When they see anyone wanting help they want to give a solution based on his experience. You might have questions what is the benefit of giving solution for totally free. Is it totally a job of volunteer? No, it is not totally useless. Forum authorities give you a chance to put some links bellow your post. These links are seen after every post, it is known as ‘forum signature’. This is the benefit you can get from these forums. If you registered with a high PR forum, you will get high quality backlinks from the pages you submit your posts. Thus if your posts are greater your backlink also be greater. When search engines crawlers will find some votes from different high quality pages, they will give you a higher rank. You can also get direct traffics from your signature which is stayed bellow your post. If you can write some attractive and useful posts thus people would learn something new, interesting and helpful information. So they also like you individually and they may think they could learn something more useful from your blog or website. So the chance to get traffic will be increased.
Don’t spam on forums, peoples hate it. Always try to supply some different and useful thing to your post.


Select good titles to get better result in SEO September 13, 2009

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Selection of good title tag is another important part in search engine optimization. Title should have descriptive and keyword dense. Search engines like google see on your title tag first. Your title should reflect your content. Don’t use a title which is keyword dense but no relations with your content.
You can mention your product’s name which you promoting or can add the name of your company. These will help you to brand your product or your company. Your title should be within six to ten words and should contain fifty to eighty characters. A title tag following these criteria gets the most effective results from search engines.
Search engines cannot read your content and they have no ability to judge the quality of your content. They only search for keywords your site contains. If search engines find enough keyword density on your content and the title tag also contain the same keyword then they recognize what kind of contents your site contains.

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Link building: must to get popular

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Search engines now care about the backlinks from other sites to you. Backlinks from higer PR sites affect most. So after opening a new site you must have to give extra look on link building. Every link found on other relevant sites are counted as a vote for your site. Which site gets this kind of votes in a huge amount are considered as the top places in rankings by the popular search engines.
There are many ways to build strong backlinks. These include article writing, press release publication, commenting on other sites, good use of social media and social bookmarking sites. Forum posting is considered as another good source of backlinks.
Directory submission is also very important to build backlinks. High PR directories give quality links. But all directories are not important.


Write fresh contents, you will be rank higer in search engines August 30, 2009

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Fresh content is another important thing to get more traffic from search engines. If you have totally unique content, search engines will give preference to you to give top place. But if you have duplicate content, the original content holder will be benefited. His website will increase in rankings and you will be penalize for duplication.
If you have not good writing hand, just try to write simply just without grammatical errors. But never try to duplicate other’s content. You can take information from other’s site, but don’t copy their sentences. Using information write your own sentences.
Write less but it must be unique. No need to publish huge articles which is not your’s. Fresh content will increase your traffic gradually. But try to write with lots of useful information and some attractive topics thus a visitor of you would come back to read your next article.
Before publishing your article, review for several times. If you think this article cannot give satisfaction to you, don’t publish it. Read more articles in similar topics and try to find what is the lacking of your article. Then edit it and see again and again and then publish.


Good keyword selection: Primary pre-requisite to get success in seo August 29, 2009

To see your site in top position in search engines, you need to do some jobs like good keyword selection, good title selection, use social networking sites or submission into directories. But the primary and most important thing is good keyword selection. If you can select a good optimizable keyword you may succeed easily after using seo techniques.

Selection of keywords is very important for search engine optimization. Use of multiple word keyword is better than single word keyword. Because single word keywords are hypercompetitive in search engines. Suppose you selected the word “travel”. It is a hypercompetitive keyword. Just open google and seach for it. See how many sites are available in keyword “travel”. It is 819,000,000 results on travel so imagine how much tough for any site to obtain the top position in this keyword. Another factor  is for this keyword you may not get targeted traffic. Because people who are searching for travel may interested about travel related any things. But if you select a more long keyword like ‘most popular travel destinations in australia’ you may face less competition. It is essential to get top position in search engines. And you will also get targeted traffic who are searching  for the accurate thing what you provide. It is very important in your business. They may buy products from you or may click on your ad.

Keyword density may be in moderate amount. Just insert keyword on your blog after completing writing. But be careful about not to get over dense keyword. Search engines may penalize you for over use of single keyword.


Search engine optimization: term of the century August 28, 2009

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This century is called the century of web. Every person want to give his identification through web. In these purpose billions of websites created.  Although all of their content  is not same but purpose is same. To expose their contents to the world. But from billions of sites which you will visit?

Search engines are a very good solutions to make decision which site I may visit. The sites which remain top in search engines are the ultimate choice of maximum surfers. For this reason the sites on top get the maximum exposure. But if your website contains better content then their, and remain in lower position, you will get lesser visitors.

Due to this features webmasters are now become hyperactive to keep their sites on the top position in search engines. To do this several techniques are followed by them. These technique is search engine optimization.